Back2Backteria is Digging In

I couldn’t take it any longer. Neither could anyone else around me, who I continually bore to death on this subject. So here’s my blog.

It’s about soil, fermentation, health, happiness and getting at the question of Who’s Pulling the Strings. My money’s on the microbiota. They’ve been here billions of years longer than us, and data is increasingly showing the huge extent to which they control our social behavior, mood, gut function, hormone cross-talk, immune responses and, well, just, like, kinda, everything else. They are implicated in every single part of the life-cycle of every animal and plant on the planet. In fact, you can thank them for making this planet inhabitable in the first place. Then you can thank them for all the cells in your weary bonce presently screaming for you to check your stock alerts and possibly crack a third Mountain Dew (I mean, it has been about 30 seconds already of this bacteria crap).

Point being that just because they’re one-celled and super tiny doesn’t mean they’re dumb. As a group, they show intention, desire, will, a system of reasoning and “logic” just like a multi-celled organism does. They can horizontally exchange DNA. Which basically means they can evolve whenever the hell it tickles their collective tush.

Need I mention, they’ve been here 4 billion years, while you, Wise Man, have been here anatomically about 200,000. THIS BLOG IS ABOUT SILENCING OUR ARROGANT, ANTHROPOCENTRIC YAPPING FOR A SEC AND LISTENING TO THEM. They have much to teach us, and we have to be ready to get our hands dirty, figuratively and literally. Come splash around in the mud with me.


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