Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics and Obesity: You Are The Cattle

This is a quick one and it relates to the previous post. Martin Blaser, director of the NYU Human Microbiome Program, on the microbiome and how we futzed with it (unwittingly through antibiotics seeping into our diet and environment) and are now making ourselves obese. And who knows what else.

Microbiome and Obesity

And here’s his website, where you’ll see he recently wrote a book about all this called “Missing Microbes”:

I will review the book in a subsequent post.

What’s great about the studies he shows here is that he gave the EXACT SAME SHORT ANTIBIOTIC TREATMENTS WE USE ON OUR KIDS to animals in the first few months of life, and they grew up to be mice with metabolic syndrome. Ditto when they used sub-therapeutic amounts of antibiotics in the mice’s drinking water, mimicking the stuff you’ve been drinking for years as our industrially-raised cattle and chickens pee it right out so it can eventually pollute the groundwater.

And don’t forget your municipal drinking water is already treated with chlorine or fluoride, or both, depending on where you live. They are anti-microbials. Do you know what they do to your gut microbiota and what effects changing our natural flora balance could have?


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