Chock fulla Whodathunkit: Bacteria in your BLADDER.

For years we were told that urine is sterile. It was a foregone conclusion that things like overactive bladder, cysts and bladder cancer couldn’t be a result of infection, because hey, no bacteria.

I’m sure by now you can guess what I’m going to say about why we had the blinders on: we couldn’t culture them using standard lab environments, mediums, temperatures, pH levels, gas mixtures and CO2 contents, anaerobic vs. aerobic settings, etc. The labs also have pretty high cutoff limits on bacterial quantities in order for them to be considered statistically significant. Anything lower than these were considered too low to have any clinical effect. Meaning they were treated as if they weren’t there.

We didn’t see them. Hence they didn’t exist.

But URINE LUCK. (Sorry. How was I going to pass that up?)

Have a nice warm, yellow cup of proof that they do. Along with lots of indications their dysbiosis is what may be causing many bladder diseases and even bladder cancer, even when present in vanishingly small amounts as compared to the intestines (remember there aren’t really any fibers or sugars for bacteria to thrive on in the bladder).

All it took were a few scientists who had the cojones to question their own methods instead of following protocol. And of course their findings are not catching on in the scientific community. Who wants to admit they’ve been wrong for generations?

As for practical implications for the patient… You thinking what I’m thinking? Yep, this raises the issue, yet again, of a Disturbed Microbiome as a, if not the, culprit in yet another spectrum of diseases.

And what disturbs it more than antibiotics??


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